Train Shows/Modular Setups

And what fun in Model Railroading if the layout is confined to one space? Well there is a lot less hassle setting up a permanent layout, but that's another subject.....
These are shots from Modular layouts I have seen around Colorado.

Click Photos to enlarge. 

Pikes Peak Division NMRA setup during the September 2013 TECO.

Icing house modules, still WIP as of the Sept 2013 TECO show.

Proto 2000 SW8 running around the NMRA modules with a short train in tow.

Burned out building on the Peak and Southern modular group.

These two modules are mine. They sort of represent a small town on the Santa Fe mainline, these were formerly owned by Dusty Thomson and used to represent a DRGW section house.

Proto 2000 SW8 rounding the Bill Poley memorial curve.

Mopac GP15 on the Colorado Springs Division NMRA modular layout.

The Royal Gorge on the COS NMRA layout. In memory of Bill Poley, the owner of this set, he passed away in mid 2013, 2 years after this photo was shot. 

Grande Motive power on the COS NMRA Layout.

K-27 on the Slim Rails Modular layout

K-36 on the Slim Rails modular layout.

Grande SD70ACe on the COS NMRA modular layout.