Pikemasters Model Railroad Club

My Local club in Colorado Springs. I have been a Member since the summer of 2005 and I routinely show up for meetings and to operate trains.
Majority of my fleet is based out of the club, with only a handful of engines and rolling stock being assigned at home compared to the club. 
For weekly photo updates from the club, visit www.facebook.com/pikemasters

The layout is located in the Colorado Springs city auditorium and occupies the old Colorado Springs City Police firing range.

This page just consists of some of my video and photos from the club

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RSD-4 switching a grain elevator on the back track.

F units on the high bridge.

Santa Fe grain train coming out of the tunnel. 

Santa Fe grain train in Thomson Canyon

Passenger station with DRGW, Amtrak, and Santa Fe Passenger trains. 

Another member was testing his rotary snowplow and borrowed my GP7. We're well set for winter now. 

The new coal mine with a GE 44 tonner at work. 

Lots of blue and yellow around here!

Two UP Dash 9's cruising past the engine facility. 

A pair of UP dash 9's heading for summit. 

UP 8-40C and SD90MAC cresting the grade into Sousa City

Oil being unloaded to fuel diesels at the Sousa City engine facility.

Tankers being interchanged on the narrow gauge.

Fictional Santa Fe SD9 with a bay window caboose in tow.

Sousa City passenger terminal before the installation of the express tracks. Lotsa Santa Fe here!

SD45 crossing the road at Hruman Junction.

Narrow Gauge Trestles.

Motive power at the Sousa City engine facility.

Rolling past precision electronics.

K-37 #491 ready to roll out.

And 490 cruises by a little later. 

Geep rolling over a scratchbuilt trestle.

Action at the narrow gauge station.

GP7 leading a local into Sousa City.

RSD switching the grain elevator at Hruman Junction.

Grain train through the canyon.

SD45-2 climbing the hill.

A shot of the Sousa City engine facility with an old school filter on the Camera.

Bachmann S4 pulling a string of cabeese out of the caboose track in Taylor Yard.

Durango Station

491 out cruising 

another shot of 491.

SD24 and SD26 at Sousa City.

346 switching.

Hills on the west wall.

D&RGW L-131 #3608 takes a quick break at the town of Barclay after climbing the grade up through Thomson Canyon.

Also in Barclay, Amtrak's Southwest Chief prepares to depart heading west. The MOW crew has just finished some work on the turnout and has set their handcar aside. 

Also in Barclay, a GE 44 tonner, and a Burlington U33C idle awaiting Service. In the Background, the Super Chief is Prepping to depart Heading east.

On the narrow gauge portion of the layout, Goose #5 is waiting for passengers and cargo.

DRGW C-25 #375 leads a narrow gauge stock train out of a snowshed.

UP SD40-2 #3457 preps to depart Taylor yard with a grain train, while in the background, a U50 and SD90MAC are busy idling away. 

A UP RS-27 and 2 GP9B's descend the grade on the horseshoe curve.

An Atlas SD26 leads a test train on the West wall

A slightly out of gauge ON30 C-16 on DCC

Motive power at Sousa City

Santa Fe F3's on the combined Super Chief/El Capitan.

Logging on the narrow gauge

More logging.

GP9B at Hruban Jct

U50 at Hruban JCT

Motive power at the Sousa city Engine Facility

B&O EM-1 on the DCC side.

DRGW 317 picking up a reefer.

A Narrow gauge engine peaking its head out of the shed.

BNSF switcher at the Sousa City Engine Facility.

Narrow Gauge Passenger train over the trestle.

A BN train climbing the grade out of Taylor Yard. Those UP stock cars look out of place don't they?

Looking at the North end of the Sousa City Passenger Terminal.

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