La Mesa Model Railroad Club

I lived in San Diego for the First 10 years of my life, so I did belong to the La Mesa Model Railroad Club from 2002-2005 with my dad. No, I didn't participate much in the layout, I was only 7 years old at the time so my knowledge and skills were.... lacking....

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Misc. Photos taken throughout the years. 
Bakersfield Yard.


BNSF manifest flying past Bakersfield.

The Same Manifest at Ilmon.

Stack train Climbing towards Allard while a manifest waits at Caliente.

Manifest climbing out of Caliente.

UP power at Cliff.

More UP stuff emerging from the tunnel at Cliff.

Same train at Caliente.

BNSF manifest descending into Caliente.

Sitting at a red light at Caliente.

SP (UP?) manifest at Caliente.

Lots of traffic at Caliente.

The most interesting grain hopper I've ever seen.


BNSF manifest in the siding at Ilmon.

UP Pot Ash train at Caliente.

Golden Powerbar Gevo at Cliff.

Santa Fe Geeps next to the Bakersfield station.

SP F units Emerging from under the loop.

54 cars back, another ABBA set of F units emerges from the tunnel as the lead units pass overhead.

Exiting Walong and about to enter tunnel 10.

UP MOW train at Caliente, California.

Santa Fe GP35 assisting a re-routed coast starlight around the loop.

A UP manifest with CN pool power between Bealville and Cliff California.

UP manifest descending past Bealville.

UP Manifest with WC leaser pulling hard around the Horseshoe between Bealville and Allard.

And on the rear of the same train, 2 SP units shove hard.

Santa Fe Manifest at Allard.

You may have seen these units on other pages on this site, A Santa Fe GP30, GP35, and GP38 all pull a manifest up the grade. 

UP motive power running around a MOW train.

The view still isn't broad enough to see the whole train!

ATSF FP45 at Caliente.

More Santa Fe at Bealville.

Descending down the loop. 

After cutting off the GP35 from the consist to help the stalled Coast Starlight as seen in an earlier picture, this manifest lugs on with only 2 units.

Flanges scream as the 2 units move the manifest over the loop. 

Entering tunnel #10


But without further ado, here's some video footage taken in December of 2009 and 2010 from my trips out there for the 15 hour "December on the Prado" operating sessions. 

Friday Dec 4th, 2009 part 1

Friday Dec 4th, 2009 Part 2

Friday Dec 4th, 2009 Part 3

SP manifest at tunnel #10

BNSF Manifest at Bealville, California

SP commuter train over Tehachapi loop

SP manifest between Caliente and Allard.

UP Grain train between Caliente and Allard

PFE train departing Caliente

Sunday Dec 5th, 2009

Extra 2009 shots

smallest and the largest trains at the model railroad museum

Blowing through Bakersfield

BNSF Manifest Departing Caliente.