Ironheads of Southeastern ohio

For a brief period of time (Summer of 2010 to Summer of 2011), I lived in Southeastern Ohio and belong to a group called the Ironheads of Southeastern Ohio. They operated a modular club that put together shows around Christmas time at the Athens Mall (Market on State Street). It was an interesting year, but I did get to go on lots of railfanning trips!

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A small town on my old corner module

Main Street on Walt's Module.

Conrail flying by in a Blur.

Fathers day 2010 Open House

The 2010 Fathers Day open house

Testing new track joiner designs.

Testing new 2 inch track connectors replacing the older 9 inch sections. 

Santa Fe at the Ohio Club

Some of my stuff running at the club, as us having WAYYYY too much fun. 

Breaking in my atlas U36C's.

First run of my Atlas U36C's seen operating in my Pikemasters Videos.