Shelf Layout MK 1 Photos

This layout was built as a college project during my time at UCCS in Colorado Springs from about 2012. The layout was a nice experiment however it's location meant I was constantly hitting my head on it and it was taken down in mid 2015. During initial construction was when atlas had its track manufacturing woes and at least here in the springs, acquiring track of any form was difficult.  So I ended up buying Trix C track to build the layout with. It worked great as a snap track system, however the sharp curves were less than stellar with my larger american equipment so thus derailments, especially on curved turnouts, were common. 

Shot of the layout towards the end. Testing motive power far larger than could operate here.

Scenery on the stub end of the branch

And the team track/fuel dealer area. The scenery came out great, but I really don't like how the WS ballast clumps up like that......
Proto 2000 SW8 with a local, rolling back towards staging.

General layout as of August/September 2013
Looking along the West end of the layout, lumber yard left, grain elevator right.

North wall of the layout, the cattle pens will be in the foreground, the depot is visible in the background.

The coal unloading pit at the fuel dealer. Track in here is ME code 55.